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The Studios Kabako – Kisangani, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


Founded in 2001 in Kinshasa by Faustin Linyekula, choreographer and producer, The Studios Kabako is a platform for research and creation on dance and visual theatre, “a workplace, whereone is constantly on a personal quest and where sometimes one finds. It is a place of much questioning but where on some evenings, certainty becomes obvious. A place where often the notions of elegance will override those of efficiency and profitability…”

Since 2006, The Studios Kabako refocused its activities in Kisangani, the country’s third city located northeast of The Congo, and opened up to other artistic genres: video, cinema, but also music with the launching in May 2009 of the first professional recording studio in the Eastern part of the country.

The Studios Kabako,while supporting Faustin Linyekula’s works, supports each year three to four artistic projects that receive supervision on production and distribution. The following artists have thus received support: choreographers Djodjo Kazadi, Papy Ebotani, Dinozord, Moturi Kebaya, and Patrick Haradjabu, and musicians Pasnas, Lecoq and Flamme Kapaya, as well as producer Dieudo Hamadi.
Regular training courses and workshops are offered on artistic themes and also on administrative and technical knowledge. Since 2008, dance and theatre were thus taught by Papy Ebotani and Dinozord (Congo) as well as by Hafiz Dhaou (Tunisia), Thomas Steyaert (Brussels), Ula Sickle (Belgium-Canada), Clara Bauer (Argentina), Andréya Ouamba (Congo-Brazzaville -Senegal), Boyzie Cekwana (South Africa) and Sylvain Prunenec (France). Since 2012, The Studios Kabako also organises regional workshops for dancers from other towns in The Congo (Goma, Kinshasa), and also those from Congo-Brazzaville, Rwanda and Gabon.

Today, The Studios Kabako is working on the construction of three cultural centres in different municipalities, more like nerve centres that are likely to create energetic waves throughout the city. They include:
- A distribution centre in the city-centre with the capacity to welcome shows, concerts,
 projections, meetings… and for which the land is already acquired;
- A laboratory cum residency centre will be built betweennow and 2015 on a 4200m2 plot that is about 8kms from the city-centre. The foundationswere completed in August 2010 under the supervision of Bärbel Müller, the German architect in charge of the project; and
- Finally a third civic centre that will be open to exchanges and projects with different
communities, will materialise in 2013, in the Lubunga municipality which is separated from the rest of the town by the Congo River and remains one of the most populated municipalities and also one of the most neglected by the authorities. Now, could this not be a means of attracting attention to the city’s most fragile sector?

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Team in the DRC:
Faustin Linyekula, Artistic director
Virginie Dupray, Project manager, Administrative Officer for The Studios Kabako
Jean-Louis Mwandika, General coordinator
Eddy Mbalanga, Kisangani coordinator

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